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Millhaven has excellent black genetics and has been very successful the show ring. His genetics are too close for us to use but we are sure that he would make an excellent stud male for the black breeder. Certification guaranteed.

Millhaven Show Results:
2007 23/6 Alpacafest Werribee 2nd junior male black
2008 Stawell 3rd Intermediate black
2008 Alpacafest Werribee 3rd Adult black
2008 Alpacafest Fleece 2nd junior black
2008 Royal Melbourne Fleece 2nd
2009 16/5 Stawell 3rd Adult black male
2009 20/6 Alpacafest Werribee 2nd Fleece
2009 Kyneton Fiesta Fleece Show 2nd
2009 Creswick Fleece Show 2nd



Tumi Chivas

Solid Black

DOB 15/08/2004 

IAR 76597 

Sire: Twilight Park Poetic Licence (SBLK)

Dam: Li’Elma Coco (SDBR) 


2005 25.6um SD 6.4 CV 24.8 CF 78.6 SF 25.8 curve 19.4 

Well grown, blue-black female. Her fleece has good density. Had a cria every year. Good genetics. Highlander and Titus Salt in her background. 

LMD 5 July 2008 

Covering sire: Wyona Native 

$1980 (inc GST)



Tumi Robin 

Solid Black

DOB 7/6/2003 

IAR 67455 

Sire: Hinterland Cruz

Dam: Benleigh Rosa 


2006 29.3um SD5.8 CV19.6 CF65 SF 28.2 

Well grown, female. Good mother. Gets pregnant and gives birth easily. With Solid black cria at foot included. Grand-daughter has been prize winner. 

LMD 28 July 2008 

Covering Sire: Alpaca Specialist Portafino 

$1750 (inc GST)



Boddwyn Little Janey

Dark Grey

DOB 5 May 2005 

IAR 96158 

Sire: Blackgate Lodge Pegasus (Grey)

Dam: Blackgate Lodge Shaniah (SBLK) 


1st Fleece 2005 20.7um SD 6.2 CV 30.1 CF 91 SF22

2nd fleece 2006 23.4um SD 5.5 CV 23.3 CF89.4 SF23.3 

She has excellent grey genetics in her background including Snowmass Grey Legend. (Hemmingway, Highlander, Ledgers Dream, Paragon also in her background). 

LMD 14 May 2008 

Covering Sire: Timbertop Mystic Force 

$2750 (inc GST)



Chiverton Kirsty 

Solid Light Brown

DOB 9 May 2005 

IAR 82754 


2006 25um SD 5 CV 20 CF87.4 SF24.1

2007 28um SD 5.3 CV 18.8 CF73.5 SF26.8 

Beautiful well grown female. Hemmingway and Ledgers Dream in her background. Good Mother. Dense fleece with long staple length. 

$2000 (inc GST)

Boddwyn Shivers

Solid Black

DOB 8/4/2008

Sire: Kingston Park Vulcan    Dam: Tumi Shivers

IAR 143551

Solid Blue Black Maiden with excellent black genetics. Ready for mating. Price includes mating to one of our males.

$1980 (inc GST)




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